Gates of Horn

The brave that goes beyond the Gates of Horn will live strong and powerful dreams, someone would say “real”. There is no sunlight here, only the one brought by the candles and the pale moon. We lift the veil that divides reality and the Unreal. When the threshold is opened, who or what could come?

This kind of entertainment goes beyond the charme of the Storytelling to go deeper into a hidden world. We talk about unsolved murders, about the truth that lies beyond the scariest faerytales and the darkness that sleep inside each one of us. I grant that when the natural light will turn turns on again, the audience will be deeply changed. Will you follow me in this creepy descent? Can you hear the flute playing? It is calling you!

I am the son of the Devil

I am red haired and left-handed. Do you need something more? I am a skilled performer of theatrical séances and bizarre magick shows. I have taken part in several “bizarre” magic conferences/events in America and the United Kingdom. In 2018 I won the ‘Hex Factor’ – an international bizzare magic competition. I am looking for an audience brave enough to follow me beyond the threshold.

Walk through the Gates of Ivory


If you don't meet me in Dreams, you can find me here:

+39 335 64 97 968