Beyond the Threshold

A Bizarre Magik show. This art goes beyonf the mere storytelling adding more dark and creepy ingredients to the tale. Unsolved mysteries, cursed books, damned dolls and demons that lurk in the mirrors. All these nightmares are waiting for you Beyond the Threshold. Will you enter?

This is the perfect show for horror parties. An intimate and atmospheric show performed only by candle light, best suited to small audiences. The rythm of the storytelling is insistent interrupting itself only to let the audience feel that chill along their spine, and wonder if the thing they saw with the corner of the eye is just a game of shadows. Themes that are introduced, the story and, in general, the mood of the show make it unsuitable for children.

Do you know Séances?

Over the years I have hosted many theatrical séances, in which twelve spectators try to solve an unsolved crime thanks to the chance to communicate with the dead. Although this show is deep and emotional, is just a show and I do not direspect neither the audience, nor their beliefs.

Walk through the Gates of Ivory


If you don't meet me in Dreams, you can find me here:

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