Gates of Ivory

Whoever goes through the Gates of Ivory is looking for soft, delicate dreams. Someone might say “false”, but this would hide the wonder. The audience will hear stories that last the moment of a short dream, but that will be never forgotten.

Strange and, unusual objects are the way through which stories, legends and faerytales are told. All those stories belong to the foklore; everything has been carefully studied so that the only illusion should be the one brought by the Magic. The magic becomes a kind of “special effect” to enforce the deep meaning of what has been told. Every storyteller needs a musical instrument. The Incantastorie uses the Panflute. An ancient and unusual instrument, just like the form of entertainment the presents, that is able to lead you to mysterious places… Just beyond the Gates of Ivory.

Let me tell you my story

Actor, magician, musician and storyteller. I studied in Las Vegas with the best magicians in the world and in London I perfected the art I master, the Storytelling magic. This kind of entertainment is suitable for children and adults, I strongly believe that there is a story that is waiting for each one of us, if we just stop and listen.

Walk through the Gates of Horn


If you don't meet me in Dreams, you can find me here:

+39 335 64 97 968