Precious Stories

The Incantastorie, collector of strange and curious items, shows his treasures by telling the mystery beyond each one of them. Music and storytelling prepare the audience for the magic, created to make people wonder.

This show is perfect for occasions in which you need a precious and unusual form of entertainment. In my repertorie I have short stories, perfect to be told in different settings during the evening, and longer and more complex stories, in which different magic acts underline the evolving episodes of the tale, leading the audience to the “Happily ever after”. Perhaps. Or an unexpected one HappyThis is not a common magic show. There is a deep difference between “Let me show some magic” and “Let me tell you your story”.

Do you know Tarots?

Many years ago I discovered the Tarot. An ancient oracle that quickly came a part of my life, my stori and, perhaps, yours? I do not read the future. I read the people instead. A nice and quiet talk in front of some Tarots is one of the most precious things you can give to yourself and guests.

Walk through the Gates of Horn


If you don't meet me in Dreams, you can find me here:

+39 335 64 97 968