Walk through the
Gates of Horn

Whoever goes through the Gates of Ivory
is looking for soft, delicate dreams.

Walk through the
Gates of Ivory

The brave that goes beyond the Gates of Horn
will live strong and powerful dreams, someone would say “real”.

I am the Incantastorie. Let me tell you a story.

Stories. We do not have anything but stories. I know how to tell them in a way unknown to many of the other storytellers, because I know the Magic. More than a magician, because I am also a storyteller; more than a storyteller, because I know how to wonder. I am the Incantastorie and you are about to see a show never seen before. Which gate will you pass through? Horn or Ivory?

2018 (UK) Winner of Hex Factor - Doomsday

2020 (USA) Winner of Screaming Goat Competition - East Coast Spirit Session

Merlin Award Bizarre Magician of the Year 2020


If you don't meet me in Dreams, you can find me here:

+39 335 64 97 968